In the next 5 years, in 5 continents, our goal is to reach our sales increased by 5 times, permanence in the countries entered through the regional representations, to be internalized, believed, determined and reached.

Efotek Industrial Products and Services Inc. is in need of construction health and safety materials, facade security systems, security barriers, bordering barriers to restrict access and area, rocessing floor, steel constructions, wooden form railings, temporary stair security railings and construction work safety to produce safety equipments for every point and to continue production without compromising quality, price, on time delivery and quality standards with the branded product in this respect.

Within 5 years, we will continue to make a world brand in our country and abroad, we will increase the number of referenced customers we have made abroad and reach the goal of brand wanted in the world.

Efotek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of second-segment industrial washing machines and products for the human health related livestock farms, food production and food service sectors such as industrial disinfection systems, vehicle disinfection systems, pulverize human disinfection systems, sanitation lines, hygiene barriers, biosafety, disinfection and sanitation, we will make our brand known and sought after and re-requested in the domestic and international markets.